Bobby pin/Hair grip

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In metal or plastic with grooves along one side, they come in many sizes and strength and are used to grip hair in place.


I recommend Japanese made grips, based on the ultimate nerve racking experience of my career that tested them to the limit. These grips are long lasting, resistant, and have a superior hold that makes for complete style security.

I was doing the hair for one of my first fashion shows and had seconds to fix a very large and ornate style in place on a super star model who had just rushed in from another show. With no time to spare I grabbed some Japanese grips and started pinning the base in place as the model made ready to step on the runway. I held my breathe as I waited for the enormous style secured only by a few pins to come crashing down and my career to come to an embarrassing end in a blaze of TV lights for this much publicized model and show. To say I was relieved when she returned backstage hair in place is an understatement.

Although I would never want to go through an experience like that again, it gave me complete confidence in these Japanese products, which have since that moment always been an integral part of my hair kit.