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Braids can be found pre-made or you can buy extensions and make them yourself. They come in a multitude of colors, sizes and hair type from natural to synthetic.


Generally I use nylon on complex hairstyles with many pieces that need to be attached to a base; nylon is much lighter in weight. The disadvantage is that nylon is extremely reflective and can cause problems on a photo-shoot as it tends to outshine the natural hair. To rectify this I dull the shine with a make-up powder and blend the natural hair with the nylon so there is no distinction between the two.

Nylon extensions or braids are easy to care for, just wash and blow dry them and they are as good as new.


I often use Kanekalon afro texture extensions and pre-made braids. They come in very long pieces and are very versatile, they can used as is or curled, crimped, rolled, straightened and styled in many ways and still look beautiful.