Regular comb

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The styling comb is another one to add to your list of must-haves for your kit and something to always have at hand on set. The classic styling comb is generally 6-8 inches long and can either have teeth at regular intervals, or wide set teeth at one end and narrow set teeth at the other. They are found in many materials from the basic to the exotic: wood, metal, plastic, shell, bamboo, hard rubber (Ebonite), mother of pearl etc.


Use water at a mild temperature with a little shampoo or detergent - hot water can bend and deform the combs.

If detergent is used and not washed off thoroughly it can very quickly create a static electricity. The best method I have found is to clean the comb thoroughly with a toothbrush.


This comb is perfect for making clean separations, and organizing crimped or wavy hair, as well as smoothing down fly-away hairs.