Flat brush/Paddle brush

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A Flat brush, also known as a paddle brush is another basic for any hair kit. This brush can be cushioned or not, the bristles can be soft or hard. They come in all sizes, shapes, quality and prices and are made with many different combinations of materials: wood, plastic, resin, natural wild boar hair, synthetic hair mixed with natural hair, to 100 % synthetic material.


Having had the chance to use almost all the hair brushes on the market from high price to low price in almost 30 years of working in the fashion industry, my personal choice for working is a cheaper brush at around 20 dollars. They are easy to keep clean and can be replaced often.

To clean cheaper brushes do not use shampoo; I let the brush(s) soak in cold water for a bit to release the dust and residue. On hard to remove build up using a toothbrush is very effective.

Expensive custom-made brushes often come with their own cleaning kit.