Hair cutting razor

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A razor is a single cutting blade available in various models: self-sharpening, those that can be honed and straightened with a strop, or those with replaceable blades. The blade is usually available in various widths. They are not overly expensive unless you choose one with a handle made of gold or diamonds, not uncommon in days gone by when they were a popular grooming item.


The razor is a very comfortable tool, and it fits well in the palm of the hand. I use it to cut vertically, especially near to the temples, when scissors are not accurate enough, and to finesse the fine detailing on layered hair.


Up until the 70's razors had been very popular and most haircuts in magazines and advertising campaigns featured styles cut with razors. But with the advent of the Hair Academy particularly in the UK, (schools that specialize in teaching technique), a variety of different technical cuts came into vogue and the razor lost its edge.

Usually the base is cut with scissors and the style can be finished with a razor, which can be used very much like a fine ink pen is used in detailing the finishing touches on a drawing.