Hair dryer

Tools, Tips, Technique


Hair dryers come in all shapes, sizes, and power ratings. They offer from limited to wide range of heat controls, cool air settings, and mufflers too (dryers can be quite noisy) to a wider more specialized performance such as ionic hairdryers that generate negative ions which dries the hair faster and with less heat.


I recommend looking for a hair dryer with a range of heat controls and a power rating of around 2,000 watts. I prefer to use a hairdryer with maximum possible power at 4,000 watts. But if you are not practiced I suggest starting at around 2,000 watts this is entirely adequate and will save you from burning fingers or scalp while you prefect your technique.

A basic but important consideration for me in a hair dryer is that the grill at the back of the hairdryer and the filter at the front are removable so that dust and trapped hair strands can be removed easily to keep it clean and in good working condition.

I sometimes spray a little perfume on the filter on a cold setting to scent the model's hair. It's a perfect finishing touch.


Check out the tutorial "My Blowout" for more pointers, and a step by step lesson for techniques to use for the perfect blowout.