Hair extensions

Tools, Tips, Technique


Hair extensions come in a variety of textures, colors, lengths, widths and materials, from natural human hair of every texture, color and type: Asian, Chinese and Indian to Korean and European and more.

There are also "blended" hair extensions made from a mix of human and synthetic hair as well as 100% synthetic hair extensions. Hair extensions generally come in lengths bound together by a thin piece of material, they can be cut for width and length, colored and styled.


I always buy extensions in packages that can be prepared to best match the type of style and hair I am working on.

The big advantage of preparing extensions yourself is that you can custom make them to suit the style, color, texture, thickness and head of hair you are working with. In general hair is thicker at the back of the head and finer at the front and temple area so being able to customize these extensions allows for a more fluid and exacting finish.

Hair extensions can be very expensive so it is best to take care of them so you can use them a few times. Care for them as you do your own hair by shampooing, and blow-drying and should remain in good condition for re-use.


I work a lot with Indian hair, but I also keep a large reserve of many different types of hair in my kit.

Extensions can be CLIPPED or GLUED.

CLIPPING: Extension combs are sown onto the tape that binds the hair together..

This method is extremely versatile, the extensions can be clipped and removed quickly so you have full control over shaping and styling as you go. The minor disadvantage is that sewing combs onto hair extensions is quite laborious.

GLUING: If you decide on gluing always make sure you have a solvent at hand.

In my opinion this method is not as versatile and straightforward. If not done carefully the glue can stick to the models scalp, or clump the hair together. Once in place glued extensions are more problematic and time-consuming to remove or change.

I recommend always removing glued hair extensions before sleep - if not you can wake up with a tangled bird's nest that can be very difficult to organize and smooth.