Hair gel

Tools, Tips, Technique


Gel usually comes in different hold strengths: mild, medium, and strong and sometimes super strong! It is colorless and some brands can be quite viscous. Some harden more quickly than others, so find one that works best for the style you are creating.


When you use a flat iron or any tool on a large amount of hair with gel in it, it is important to prepare the hair by brushing well before starting, and always have a water spray at hand to moisten the gel so you can keep styling the shape and appearance without having to work with hardened gel.

When you are ready to wash your hair after using gel for a style, first wet your hair and wait for 2 or 3 minutes to allow the gel to absorb the water and soften. this will make it easier to remove before you rinse and shampoo and will prevent hardened bits of gel getting tangled and knotted in the hair.