Styling mousse/Hair foam

Tools, Tips, Technique


Styling mousse (hair foam) is usually found in aerosol sprays but it is also available in a pump spray. It has a thick creamy texture and usually comes in light, medium and strong hold. It is very effective for styles that call for volume.

A disadvantage I have found is that often only three quarters of the aerosol product can be used; the last quarter is usually a liquid drip at best. So, make sure you always have extra on hand.


The hair must be dampened well and uniformly before applying the mousse, as it dries very quickly. If using a strong hold mousse be aware that if allowed to dry brushing can become very difficult, always have you water spray at hand to dampen the hair when needed.

Massaging is a good way to make sure that the mousse has been distributed evenly and has penetrated all hair strands, follow up by brushing or combing the top and underside of the hair

I recommend a strong mouse for long, thick hair, (a medium or light hold mousse will have little to no effect on increasing volume) you can always dilute it if need be by using a water spray.