Hair net

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Hair nets are usually found in natural hair colors: blonde, brunette, black, but transparent ones can also be found. They come in several different sizes, but extra large ones are not easy to find.


If you buy a wig, the net in which it is sold in is usually a large size. Sometimes 3 times the size of a normal net, allowing you to cover several times the area you are working with. I save these nets because large hairnets are difficult to find and they can be very useful.


They are designed to be discreet so they are rarely seen even when not covered. In almost all black and white movies of the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, the film grain made the threads of the nets invisible on up-do's, large chignons and elaborately rolled hair. Even today, they are widely used for glamorous "red carpet" event hairstyles.