Hair rollers

Tools, Tips, Technique


Aside from hot-rollers that are heated before you roll them into your hair, there are many other types of rollers.

These other rollers come in various sizes, colors and materials from mesh and sponge to self-stick velcro rollers, all of these rollers can be warmed or heated in many ways: air-dried, using a hot hair bonnet, or dried directly with a hair dryer.


I tend to use velcro rollers because the fibers are very tight and hair adheres well to them.
However, I also use clips to secure the velcro roller to ensure that the roller lies comfortably in place and there is no loose unrolled hair near the scalp.

Heated rollers are quite heavy and take practice to use, not least because the edge of the rollers can be quite hot. They also come with many fastenings, which invariably get lost along the way.

I recommend having a few different size sets of rollers for different hair lengths and styles.

Large rollers: best when you want to give shape to a style with gentle waves or curl to the hair. They can also be used to add more height/volume at the root.
Small rollers: best for for small defined tight curls or waves.