Hot hat

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Hot hats (hot bonnets, hot caps) for drying hair are available in most hair stores, they are extremely useful and very portable - perfect for hairstyling on the go. Some have a fixed elastic around the bonnet, and some have elastic strings. Most hot hats are solid enclosures but some are available with small holes to let heat escape during drying.


When adjusting the laces to pull the hat tight be sure to leave a breathing space between the scalp and the hat (I use a folded tissue and place it between the hat and the head). The cushion of tissue also protects the brow so you don't end up with an imprint of the elastic on the skin.


You can use the hot hat for multistage drying. If your hair requires 20 minutes stop after the first ten minutes, and allow the hair to cool and then continue with the remaining 10 minutes.