Prong clip/Hair clip

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Prong clips, also called styling clips and curl clips, look like wide flat tweezers, they come in plastic or metal and in many colors. They have two (sometimes three) prongs, are durable with a firm grip.

A must-have in any salon, at home or in a hair kit, they are indispensable when securing rollers and holding rolled hair in place.


If used on wet hair, or hair damp with products, prong clips will leave imprints. To avoid imprints place a small piece of tissue or thin cardboard between the hair and the prong to create a small cushion that will protect the hair.


They are especially useful for fashion week when nano-seconds count.

For a show that demands, say a "Bardot" style or teased hair my team use these clips hidden near the roots in lieu of lots of hairspray. Hairspray can fast become the enemy of model and hairstylist during fashion week where a rapid transformation from one show to the next with sometimes 6 shows in one day is the norm.

Clip the hair near the roots so it stands away from the scalp as it would do if it were teased and sprayed, Next, hide the clips with a layer of teased hair this way less hairspray is needed but everything still looks perfect. As well as being effective for the rush of fashion week, an added bonus is that the model does not have to endure a painful brushing of sprayed hair for her next show. nor suffer the damage that 6 shows a day of hairspray can cause, and the next hairstylist doesn't need to wash, dry and style her hair in what can come down to just a matter of seconds.