Small round hair brush

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Round brushes come in many sizes. and materials from small to large, fine to thick and made with metal, wood, plastic, ceramic and tourmaline, some have anti-static and thermal properties..

The bristles or hairs are commonly made from natural boar hair, a mix of natural and artificial hair, or plastic.


After 30 years of using brushes everyday an important consideration is the handle. For me a handle should fit comfortably in the palm of my hand - and feel secure yet allow me to roll and brush with ease.

Do not clean your brushes with detergent or shampoo. I find that using cold or hot water is equally effective in removing residue and cleaning and in my experience has the added advantage of leaving my brushes static free.

For that sleek, silky look use a smaller round brush than you have used for brushing the hair - you will notice the difference in the shine.